Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Voice *Hack*ting

If you find the voice acting in some of today videogames to be stilted or downright bad, that's nothing compared to what we had to live with about a decade ago. At least now developers usually try to find some actual "actors" rather than just borrowing one of the code monkeys from down the hall. For some reason, zombie games seem to be particularly prone to bad dialogue, as though the actors are infected with the virus just to the level where their lines become completely bland or bizarre. Example:

This guy's taken some already ridiculous lines from Resident Evil 1, and swapped them around for hilarious results:

The moral: be thankful for the voice acting we have today, regardless of how shoddy it may often be, and be particularly thankful if you're a boardgame player like myself. At least the meeples don't try to speak.

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On an unrelated note, here's a trailer for the ThreadBound 2.0 update which is currently in review.

What's that? You say this is a related note? Well screw you!

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