Sunday, August 23, 2009

Videogame ABCs

A’s for Atari the first of its sort

B is for BloodRayne who’s movie fell short

C is for Capcom with zombies about

D’s the Duke Nukem that never came out

E is for EA who think they’re your wife

F’s for FF which takes over your life

G is for Gradius, more guns came next

H is for HD for reading the text

I is for Infocom eaten by grues

J is for Jumpman whose name he did lose

K is for Kremlins who walk back and forth

L is for Link who plays tunes to a horse

M is for Myst which was somewhat surreal

N’s for Nintendo who switched up their seal

O’s for Okami a dog in reverse

P is for Playstation’s high-budget curse

Q is for Q-Bert, like Pac-Man but not

R is for Racecars, you see them a lot

S is for Spoony the bard and the show

T is for Tales and Sonic’s lil' bro

U is for Unreal Tournament pros

V is for Virtua Fighter combos

W’s for WoW and the fans who don’t move

X is for Xbox and Xs on roofs

Y is for Yahtzee who gave Portal cred

Z is for Zero Suit Samus, ‘nuff said

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