Monday, June 15, 2009

ThreadBound - Approved!

I am now proud to present to you the game which I have been helping develop for the past nine months, and which has just been released on the apps store for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is called ThreadBound, and it's a puzzle/platformer (or "puzzle/adventure" on the apps store since Apple doesn't have a "platformer" category) which, if I may toot NeverBored Studios' collective horn, is very unique and unlike anything you've ever played before.

The basic idea is that rather than controlling Spindle, the anthropomorphic blue spider- er-thread bug who wanders around like a character in a regular platformer only without any regard for personal safety, instead you play as Stickler, a stick bug tasked with the difficult job of protecting these creatures which by all rights probably ought to be extinct, but they're just so cute! You may be reminded of the old classic Lemmings, though gameplay here is significantly different, as this trailer will attest:

The game has 54 levels now, but the built-in level editor allows you to send your own levels to us, and we will be periodically updating the game and including those submissions which we feel are the most awesome.

Best of all, the game is only $0.99, so get it now before we change our minds! If you start sending us tons of great levels, the value gained from your dollar's investment will only go up!

And for anyone who cares, my official roles on this project were Game Designer, Level Designer, and Music Composer, though as with any startup, there were a lot of other nitty-gritty things which I ended up taking care of, such as the above trailer.

In future, I'd like to try and give more information about projects that are in development, but obviously the amount I can reveal early on in development is somewhat limited, and as projects near completion, it will be my time that ends up being limited. Nevertheless, I will try and give out enough details during future projects that it will be worth your time to come here and get the inside scoop straight from the designer. And if you find the quality or quantity of information too paltry, please feel free to write something up about us yourself.

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