Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Reviews

We're hoping to see more and more reviews pop up in the next little while as we sent out a whole lot of promo codes, but here's our first official review, published in 'iPhone in Canada,' and it rocks! We've already made it into the top 30 puzzle games in the Canadian store, and some kind German guy says you should "KAUFEN!"

In the US market things aren't so good though, probably because the only review in the American store is a 1-star from someone who didn't seem to realize you can adjust the control sensitivity:

"the game is cute it's just im having a hard time turning the butterfly stick to keep the bug guy from walking off. wish there'd be an easyer and faster way to turn and move it!" [sic]

That doesn't sound so bad, but a 1-star rating is pretty effective at turning people away. That's why we need you Americans to start buying our app (c'mon, it's only 99 cents. I know the economy's bad, but c'mon!), and more importantly to start leaving us some decent reviews so we can get out average rating back out of the toilet and onto the top lists like we've managed everywhere else. You're our biggest market, so please lend us a hand. If your friend has an iPhod, forward this to him/her. If he/she doesn't, buy him/her one (they're neat!), then forward this to him/her. We're all counting on you!

Aw c'mon, craZcat says it's cute!

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