Monday, December 1, 2014


I just backed the boardgame Coven and you should too!
It was designed by my good friend Paul Saxberg, and I've been helping him playtest and develop it for several years! (You can read about the fascinating roundabout journey in his design diary)

But don't just back it because he's a friend of mine, Coven is a legitimately awesome game, and totally unique! (It won the 2012 Canadian Game Design Award!) Based very loosely on the novel A Night in the Lonesome October (which is also totally worth checking out; it's narrated by Jack the Ripper's dog), a coven of witches has gathered to perform a ritual that, with the help of certain goddesses, will usher in some sort of ancient Lovecraftian evil. However, some of the witches are secretly working for the forces of good and attempting to sabotage the ritual, so it's imperative that you discover which witches (and which goddesses) are which.

The game is packed with a bunch of cool nods to paganism, mythology and the occult (for example, counter-clockwise is referred to as "Widdershins"). In fact I recall that at one point Paul sent the game off to be blind-tested by an actual coven of witches.

In summary, this game is totally weird and cool and tends draw a crowd since the board is striking and it looks like you're performing some kind of eldritch ritual just by playing on it, so go check it out!

I'm pleased to see that the Kickstarter is already halfway to the goal after a few hours though (they just passed $6,666), so it doesn't look like they need my help. Regardless, dark things are in motion...

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