Thursday, August 2, 2012

Saracen Night

When you go to bed after designing and prototyping for 12 hours straight, you sometimes have weird dreams.

Last night I dreamt of some sort of pen-and-paper roleplaying system in which one of the available classes was “Saracen Knight.” This class had various melee bonuses as well as an interesting drawback: whenever you ran into a British citizen, you were required to pay them money as reparations on behalf of India for the Sepoy rebellion.

Because nothing screams high fantasy and adventure more than ironically depressing references to European colonialism!!



    Actually - it seems like a great idea

  2. I was thinking about it in terms of social justice teaching and the idea of Imperialism. It would be nice to try this sort of thing. The kind of thing that makes games really important, teaching.

    Of course, it depends on how the creator ends up making it.

  3. Totally with you. Have you seen this TED?

  4. Not yet, though will.

    Also, what are you prototyping?

  5. Among other things, a game based on an unspecified property which I probably won't be able to get the rights to and will probably end up releasing as a free print-and-play on bgg, and a Supervillains boardgame me and some friends are planning to Kickstarter soon.

    You still in Waterloo? There's a chance I'll be there mid-October for an IS reunion.

  6. Ah - that property - the one I was talking to you about earlier?

    Ooh - Supers one of my favourite things! As a non-comic reader! (actually - I am weird like that)

    Yep - still Waterloo - would be good to see you.

  7. Actually a different property, although I had a couple brainstorms regarding the license you are referring to (which I have slightly more faith in my ability to obtain, should an actual game ever emerge).

    My goal with the supervillain game from the start has been to make a hardcore Eurogame with a strongly integrated theme, and I'm eager to know whether you think I've pulled that off. (Yes there's a lot of cube pushing, but those cubes represent things like plutonium and SCIENCE!)