Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battleship Trailer

It's really happening. A trailer for the new Battleship move has just surfaced. There doesn't seem to be a way to embed the video, so I'll have to describe it for you:

So Alexander Skarsgård is dating Liam "I Will Find You" Neeson's daughter, and Liam Neeson doesn't like this one bit because Liam Neeson is the Admiral and stuff. But then, during a routine drill, the fleet discovers a big metal thing. And one guy goes to touch the big metal thing but he gets an electric shock because maybe he rubbed his feet on the carpet. Then they all get attacked by Decepticons and Liam Neeson yells "Prepare to fire!" and his naval assistant asks "Sir, which weapons?" and Liam Neeson looks serious and says "All of them."

I don't know, this whole project seems a bit ridiculous from the start. I mean, it has Rihanna in it, and everyone knows women can't play Battleship:

Regardless, if it doesn't have Tim Curry revealing that communism was just a red herring, I'm not interested.

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  1. My god you're right - there is now competition for the "best movie based on a board game".

    Clue was a surprisingly good movie.

    "Or maybe it happened like this!"