Saturday, November 7, 2009

EA Rickrolls Yahtzee

As part of their "seven deadly sins" promotional campaign for the upcoming Dante's Inferno videogame, EA has rickrolled a bunch of game journalists, including the Escapist's Ben Crowshaw, by way of a music box that had to be smashed with a tiny hammer. The sin being showcased this time around was, unsurprisingly, wrath.

I'm not sure how to feel about all the publicity kerfuffle surrounding this game. Some of the stunts so far have been more than a little unsettling (like staging a fake religious protest!), and I feel a little dirty even posting about it since this is clearly what EA wants. So I leave it to you: if you vehemently disapprove of these sorts of over-the-top marketing tactics, stop buying their games and write a firm letter; if you find this sort of thing entertaining and want to see more, go buy Mass Effect or something; and if you're sort of on the fence like me, press 5 then the # key. If you'd like to hear all this again, I expect you won't be waiting around very long.

And for those who've just been cryogenically unfrozen or something, a helpful guide about what rickrolling is can be found here.

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