Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With Lyrics 2

Here's another awesome video from brentalfloss. If you're an old-school gamer, I heartily recommend you check out his other stuff. If you aren't familiar, he takes mostly classic videogame songs and adds hilarious lyrics to them.

Warning: occasional blue language, but only when it's comedically appropriate.

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  1. Hey Orin, my name is Paul and I'm with Games Cafe based out of Calgary Alberta.

    I was sent a truncated version of your resume, and your rambling, though fun to read game design summary document. I see you were thinking about returning to Calgary in December, is that still your plan?

    We are always looking for talent, and to be honest, I liked what I read and I think Games Cafe could be a good fit for you. Let me know!

    In case you didnt get my email in my profile or something, here are 2 you can use to get to me:


    I look forward to hearing from you Orin, even if you review games that are 2 years old and we've all crushed!